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Customization for the customer is the key advantage of our product as we want every customer to be satisfied and can fully receive the highest value that is being delivered by our products. UGAR manufactures and conducts Android head unit distribution and sells a full range of Android head-units from the universal to the specialized model and from 7 inch to 10.2 inch.

UGAR is currently using the Android platform which is being recognized to be the most reliable and stable platform for headunits. Our sales team and customer service team are ready to deliver our professional advice and products for you, your vehicle and your market.



Running a customized Android Operating System on a beautiful capacitive touch super clear screen, the UGAR has brought to the new world of car entertainment. 


Fascia Kits

There is nothing you can do with your old car stereo if you don’t have a frame to cover up the space other than the headunit, UGAR offers you a hundred of fasica kits that you totally reimage and upgrade your cabin.


Canbus &  Harness

The wiring harnesses help you connect your new car stereo to your vehicle's wiring


Not only listening to music or radio, our headunits can also deliver even more value when it is combined with our options. UGAR is providing you a comprehensive solution in upgrading your car to provide the best performance.

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