Length: 350 mm   Diameter: 10 mm   Weight: 215 g


High-quality OBD II cable 

      Pass all 16 pins directly. High-quality pure copper wire makes signal

      transmission faster and better. The tough round wire will not break

      easily even if it is used for a long time.


Durable cable 

      Has a smooth 16pin interface, which can be inserted more than 

      10,000 times at most. Flame retardant, high temperature resistance, 

      made of highquality insulating nylon and plastic, can prevent short 

      circuit and safety hazards caused by overheating.


      It allows you to continue to use the OBDII port in the original 

      position on the car, and you can also open the port and install it 

      in the underlined position of the existing OBD2 dashboard.

Full compatibility 

      If you want to replace the vehicle with another on-board computer

      diagnostic scanner, just plug in the OBD extender and protect the

      OBD2 socket. OBD2 Y splitter cable 1 male to 2 female, allowing  you

      to connect the tuner and any diagnostic program or programming

      tool at the same time. 


OBD2 Splitter Y Cable Male Splitter to 2 Female Extension Cable


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