- For android head unit version 4.4.4 or above

- Allows you to monitor 4 tyres which shows real-time tyre pressures and temperature in PSI/Bar format on your android head unit

- Visual and dudible alert the driver of low pressure due to leaks or punctures as well as over temperature, over-pressure and low battery.Save on fuel, tyre wear and avoid accidents.

- Easy installation with 4pcs external valve-cap sensors with freescale chip,can be installed without any special equipment,don't need tire bead breaker and a balancing machine; The sensors are already factory paired and labeled to the corresponding tire, allowing the system can be fitted in a matter of minutes.

- With INSTANT ALARM: High pressure alert at 3.1 bars and low pressure alert at 1.8 bars, making it perfect for most sedan cars(not for RV, Tralier, Truck), temperature range around -40-80 degree celsius. If your tyres start to exceed the MIN or MAX value pre-set, your head unit display will give visual and dudible alarm before accidents occur.

- SUPER DURABLE: The sensors battery lifespan around 5 years (4hours driving/day),can be replaceable when it's run out. Stable wireless signal transmission without radio interference, accurate data transmission.  Waterproof IP67 standard.

- Work with all UGAR's android head unit

- For other android head unit, please verify with us before purchase


The APK file for running this TPMS device can be downloaded from HERE

Tire Pressure Monitoring System - DIY Version

SKU: TP002
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