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Running a customized Android Operating System on a beautiful capacitive touch super clear screen, the UGAR headunit has brought us to the new world of car entertainment. With built in WIFI, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to play high definition content, UGAR offers you nothing but the best driving experience.

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Product Features

Up to 10.2” High Definition 1080P Display

Connects you to the wireless world through Wi-Fi and 3G/4G network*. The bluetooth wireless technology can even line up your mobile devices either Android or iOS devices seamlessly in making phone calls or to share the contents such as music, video, photos, phonebook and more. Launch the Easy Connect on both devices, you can choose to share your content to the headunit for your passengers to enjoy.

Connect to the Wireless World

Android with Driver-Oriented Interface

Android is the operating system that powers everything you do on the headunit. This open system allows you to install many favorite apps into the 16GB memory through platform like Google Play. Playing online games, videos, music become so easy on your car. The driver-oriented interface has put most common apps at static place that can be easily accessed while driving.

The moment you turn on the UGAR headunit, its visually stunning high definition capacitive multi-touch screen with edge-to-edge glass brings everything into your vision. Every video clip you play on the screen with details and optimal color for the best HD playback experience.

Lead you to the Right way with GPS

Upgrade with no Sacrifice#

The built-in GPS system can seamlessly work with any of your favorite navigation software such as Google Map, Waze, iGo and so on. The big and clear screen together with the clear vocal guidance bring you comfort while you are lost and guide you to the destination.

Upgrade the inferior and preserve the superior element is our goal with UGAR headunit. Steering wheel control, audio, 360 degrees camera, digital video camera and even air conditioning control from the genuine functions are preserved in our UGAR cutting edge headunit.

*Connection to the 3G/4G network is only applied to specific product models.
#Only for specific models

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